About Committee

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system, and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. The mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

Agenda Items

  • The World’s Water Crisis

‘’The new liquid gold’’ as we’re very likely to mention it in the upcoming decade, Water is not a renewable source. As earthlings, we need water to survive. Considering the fact that our planet consists of 71% water would sound like a relief, but let’s dig deeper; shall we? The world’s oceans holds about the 96.5% of the worlds water mass. That leaves us with only 3.5% fresh water that we very much depend on. But the water we can actually drink, use for cultivation, clean ourselves with makes up a very small amount of 1%. The other 2.5% is situated in underground which is rather expensive to reach and use. In 2025 more than 20 metropolitan cities such as Mexico City, Rome, Istanbul and Cape Town are expected to face a water shortage. But it seems, most of the people are not alarmed by that since the ‘’Day 0’’ keeps getting closer and closer. As UNEP you’re expected to come up with the ideas that can chance this perception.

Letter of Under Secretary General

Dear participants,

It’s my utmost pleasure to serve you as your Under Secretary-General of United Nations Environment Programe at the 5th session of Mediterranean Model United Nations TR conference. I would like to start my words with stating how thankful i am to our President Ali Samed Güneş , Deputy Secretary-General Hana Llapashtica and our Secretary-General Eray Akın for giving me this amazing opportunity in my 3rd year in MEDMUNTR family. 

As the USG of UNEP, i have no doubt that after debating and discussing the specific problems about environmental issues such as water scarcity will widen your perspective about what really is happening in the real world . I will forever be grateful if this conference has even a tiny bit impact on your life time. 

I am wishing the best to all participants with the most amazing team ever in MEDMUNTR’s elite year.