About Committee

Vaguely the 33% of the world population has vanished into the thin air. It all happened in the blink of an eye and they left nothing behind.

After the baffling disappearance of approximately 2 billions of people world has inevitably collapsed. Systems broke down, nations fell apart, grief surrendered the world and false prophets came out to play. Not a soul knew what had happened.

Was it the rapture or a dreadful outcome of a scientific disaster? Where did they go and most importantly who took them?

Seven years passed since the Vanish but the mystery remains unsolved.

And now the world is on the verge of its ultimate destruction. With its center of gravity shifting, new world leaders will work jointly to prevent the apocalypse lies within.

Agenda Items

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Letter of Under Secretary General

Dear Participants,
The aim of this letter is to help you to find the committee that you’ll be able to contribute the most. More specifically if this is the one.
Ultima Thule Summit: The Vanish Committee is comprised of everything that you would expect from an apocalypse scenario but it’s not about only the action. It also has a meaning to it. During those four days you will be challenged in many ways and you’ll witness the structures humanity was build upon shatter and only then you will grasp the true meaning of being a human.
I truly hope that you will enjoy this committee as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Mert Karaçam
USG responsible for Ultima Thule Summit: The Vanish