MedMUNTR Elite Year - PurposeConditionsProperties

As a team which powered by lonca organization our main duty is creating a better conferences year by year for 5 years. In our 5th anniversary we are so glad to came up with a idea of MedMUNTR Elite Year. This year as a MedMUNTR family we wanted to spread an awareness about using plastic and paper materials, so that’s why in MedMUNTR Elite year you are not going to see any plastic or paper materials including certificates, all the certificates will be sended by our team as an ‘online certificate’.With taking an action which has never happened in Turkey, we have partnerships with other MUNs all over the world, so you will have a chance to be a part of an international organization. With the help of the young people our first aim is steping up to the new term in MUN conferences which will cause more effective solutions for global issues.Why are you waiting for, you can be the part of the revolution of MUN with us!


  • Participants must be 15+
  • Participants must have at least one conference experience.


  • You will have your costumized materials.(Placard, badge…)
  • In case of you need a proffesional help you can directly connect with your USG to get help.
    The organization team will be giving consult service about flights ,you can reach us anytime you need.
  • MedmunTR Elite year provides you an e-mail adres that you can use during and before the conference.
  • Delegates who get best delegate award, they will have a chance to participate one of our partner conferences in Europe.(Details of conferences will be uploaded in our Instagram page soon.)
  • There will be a draw in the last day of a application period and winner will be able to accommodate in a King Suit room of Bosphorus Hotel.